Serendipity12th Baby Bum Balm By Nash And Jones

$ 18.00

The most used product there is for a baby is a diaper rash treatment/prevention cream.  The beeswax in our balm safely delivers all the ingredients into the skin and provides a moisture barrier with antibacterial properties.  It allows the shea butter to soothe and hydrate, the coconut oil to cleanse and heal, the zinc to coat and form a moisture barrier, the avocado oil to soften skin, the kaolin clay to draw out excess moisture and the vitamin E to heal and moisturize.

The problem with off-the-shelf diaper creams is that most of them are based with petroleum.  Petroleum is combination of  liquid crude oil and natural gas and is called a fossil fuel.  It is toxic and doesn’t have much of a function at all except to trick our skin into thinking it is hydrated.  It is a cheap ingredient that companies can use to “house” or “carry” or “deliver” the other ingredients.  What is actually does is sit on top of the skin and doesn’t let anything out or in, all the while stopping our skin from producing natural oils because it thinks it is getting some additional hydration.  It sets us up for a dependent relationship to the products. The container is 7" tall, 1 1/2" much larger than it appears. Locally made here in Nashville, Tn. 

Thanks to our friends Nash And Jones for such an awesome product

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