Serendipity12th "I Am A Woman" By Mary Sue Englund

$ 24.95

I AM A WOMAN by Mary Sue Englund captures the beautiful breadth of the female experience, with all its cluttered, clouded magic. Striking photographs and wise and sometimes surprising quotes of courageous women from all walks of life fill the pages of this lovely linen-bound coffee table book.

If you are fighting an illness, struggling through loss, making a life change, or watching your children grow and wondering where life is leading you, let I AM A WOMAN remind you of your own grace and courage.

You may want to turn to the back of the book, and listen to the included CD as you read through the pages. The lyrics to the song are the pages of the book. I AM A WOMAN is meant to engage more than just one of your senses. Let it change your life.

Every woman needs to celebrate her own unique gifts and wonders.


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