Serendipity12th The Vintage Sparrow "Brave" Necklace

$ 29.95


The Vintage Sparrow went from a dream to reality in 2014. Owner and designer, Annie Moss, began making African inspired friendship bracelets to raise money to go on a missions trip to Kenya, East Africa. This small step of faith became a creative pathway for The Vintage Sparrow to become what it is today. Along the journey, Annie began inviting young girls on this creative adventure with her. Her desire has been to help cultivate an atmosphere where girls could flourish in creativity and also be provided with a job. This will always be a consistent part of what The Vintage Sparrow offers.  In just a few years, The Vintage Sparrow has become well known throughout stores in Nashville and beyond. The Vintage Sparrow has also been given the amazing opportunity to partner with various ministries across the country as they provide pieces that are God inspired and one of a kind. In a few short years, this business has been blessed with great success and their mission is to continue to grow as they empower young girls and also give ten percent back to various missions organizations. The original business motto is "Creativity with A Cause" and will continue to be as we spread hope and love everywhere we share our work. 


We are all given a gift. It's our job to discover what it is and share it with the world.  - Annie Moss

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